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Social Media

Social media play important role in marketing strategies of companies from different sectors. It’s also a great way to create expert image.

Social networking sites, forums and microblogging platforms are the most important consumer-brand communication channels today. It is very important to be aware of their potential. Agency 21 prepares a strategy presence in social media, publishes content, and delivers reports on activities and their effects.


Needs analysis and strategies development

– Agency 21 helps to develop a strategy for the company’s presence in social media channel

– Defining goals suitable with clients’ business activities line

– Indicating areas which would increase brand awareness and initialising communication with potential clients of the company


Social media

– Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat – Agency 21 effectively support clients in the most popular channels

– Other platforms depending on the unique requirements of our client (eg. LinkedIn, GoldenLine, Digg, etc.)


The blogosphere and opinion leaders

– Agency 21 contacts and builds lasting relationships with representatives of the blogosphere

– Cooperation with opinion leaders

– Preparation of “terms and conditions” agreements with subcontractors



– Agency 21 recommends set up of e-representative, via whom the company will be officially represented during discussions with the Internet users

– Agency 21 provides support in resolving potential crisis situations




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