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Crisis management

Crisis situations are inevitable part of running the business. Preparation of a plan in case the crisis is a key issue.

We offer a wide range of services in crisis management. They include: program of communication in a crisis situation, crisis statements, media training for employees, media monitoring, public opinion polls as well as analysis and evaluation of internal communication within the company.


Communications strategy in crisis

– Identification of potential crisis areas

– Indicating the best available responses

– Introducing procedures and Crisis Team


Crisis communication Management

– Creating schedule of contacts with the media and statements content

– Responding to media inquiries; Agency 21 organizes briefings and press conferences

– Media Monitoring 24/7; understanding of dynamic situation and preventing further crisis


Trainings and Simulations

– Agency 21 offers public speaking trainings in front of the camera and with the participation of journalists

– Validations of the procedures; tests and simulations


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